Have you ever tried deciphering the charm on a successful woman’s face? You may think she was born with it and that it was etched in her destiny that she would touch the skies someday. But do you know what you missed there? The composure, the discipline, the patience she maintained for a long time, and that her success is an outcome of her persistence. Different women have different habits, but all successful women have some things in common. Shall we let the secret out? All right, here you go – the  top 10 habits that all successful women share in common:

Sleep is important

Sleeping is not a formality you do every night. When you sleep, you reset your body to start fresh the next day. If you lack sleep, you are not resting enough to take on bigger challenges the next day, and if you are sleeping more than you should, you are already lagging in terms of time as well as energy by disrupting your biological clock or circadian rhythm. According to health experts, a sleep cycle of 7 hours, essentially at night, is enough to keep you rejuvenated for the day that lies ahead.


Just by meditating for 10-15 minutes in a day, you can relax your mind for the entire day and work much more efficiently than usual. And while you meditate, it’s important that you do it correctly. For those 10-15 minutes, let go of all kinds of thoughts and worries; just focus on your breath and plunge into the moment. You can put on guided meditations and go out to sit in the nature and let those thoughts take a backseat.

Feed your self-worth

No matter how many friends you have, how many get-togethers you attend in a week, the truth is that you are an individual and the only one responsible to take care of your self-worth, is you. Give yourself a pat on the back every time you achieve something and tell yourself that you are important. Embrace the best of your achievements and remind yourself, everyday, how you have come so far in life, on your own.

Maintain a Journal

The best way to preserve memories and keep a track of your life, is to document the highlights of each day. By doing so, not only can you create an organized repository of all the moments that matter, but also jot down the plans you have for yourself in future. Want to learn French this year? Need to lose a few pounds? Scribble yourself a deadline for the same. And sometimes, when you feel like expressing your thoughts in a more sorted way, writing a journal really comes in handy.

Plan your Day

Do not just launch yourself off from the bed when you wake up. Just when you open your eyes, sit back, take a pause, and think what needs to be dealt with today. Doing this while you’re still in bed is important because your mind is fresh at that instant and there aren’t many thoughts that interfere. When your plan is ready, put it in the journal and get going.  

Have a Diet Plan

Your mind responds to what you put in your body. So having a good, nutrient-rich, diet plan should be a part of your schedule. Check out the diet chart, if you need to, to chalk out a perfect diet plan with all the nutrients like proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to keep up with all the action you have coming. 

Walk Everyday

Apart from hitting the gym, meditation, and exercises, walking for 10-15 minutes, preferably in the morning, should be a part of your daily schedule. That’s because you get to spend some time with yourself, you treat your body with fresh oxygen, and simply put, it’s healthy.

Meet New People

Professional or casual; networking of any sort is a crucial part of life. Try not to miss that office party next week or that colleague’s birthday party, because these are the moments when you get to assert that you are not just a great employee but a gregarious soul as well. Nevertheless, socialising is an instinctive trait of humans; the more you embrace it, the more helping hands you have around you, when in need.

Reading over Prime Time

Get rid of those prime time shows that keep you latched to the TV late night and mess up your whole schedule the next day. Go for the better, productive option you have always had on that shelf; a book, a novel. Books give a fillip to your imagination and also help you fall asleep faster.

Celebrate Milestones

Never seize a chance to make yourself happy and boost your confidence. And when we are talking about hitting the milestones, each new celebration should be bigger and better than the last one. Got that dream job you’ve been wanting all your life? Bought a home on that street you always loved? Don’t forget to pop a champagne, because you’re actually doing much more than just popping a champagne.