When you are in Dubai, one thing is certain – you just cannot run out of experiences. The endless spectrum of experiences you can enjoy anytime in Dubai is one of the reasons why some people keep coming back to this pricey haven no matter how serious they were about their new year resolutions. If you are coming to Dubai in the month of March this year, here are some of the most exhilarating of experiences waiting for you

Dubai Food Festival – 21 February to 9 March 2019

Food, entertainment and everything in between, Dubai Food Festival has got it all. This 17-day event takes you on a roller coaster ride to the world of food, culinary arts, entertainment, live music and a lot more that can be coupled with the broader band of food experience. 

La Perle Musical Shows

There isn’t a better definition of live entertainment than La Perle at Al Habtoor City, Dubai. Immersive performances powered by state-of-the-art technology and a 270-degree seating churning out one of the best experiences in your lifetime.

Global Village

Got a whole one day to waste? We have a better idea. Don’t waste it; rather spend it at the Global Village Theme Park, Dubai. Global Village is the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project that includes thrilling rides, entertainment shows, shopping sprees, unparalleled dining experiences and much more.

The Lounge

When was the last time you went high on a dining experience? Regardless of when it was, we bet it wouldn’t even come close to the experience ‘The Lounge’ guarantees you. More than 500 meters above the ground, looking over the sunset, an open lounge that has live music and delicious fresh bakes and desserts to get you really, really high.

Dubai Frame

Experience the Golden City, the way it wants you to. Another point of magnificence, added to Dubai in 2013, Dubai frame speaks of the grandeur this city holds in everything. Everything from old to new Dubai!

Entry fee – 50 AED for adults and 30 AED for kids.

Dubai Safari

Deserts in Dubai are anything but ‘dry’ when it comes to fun and adventure. Apart from the desert camps, Dubai Safari is a popular activity Dubai has to offer. That change of adrenaline as you ride up and down the dunes is something you just can’t afford to miss if you’re in Dubai even for a day. 

Art Dubai

If you’re the kind whose soul feeds on art and you simply can’t overlook the beauty in little to big things around you, head to ‘Art Dubai’ between 20 March and 23 March, 2019. With more than 90 galleries from over 40 countries around the world, Art Dubai takes you through the journey of contemporary, modern and many other art forms. 

1-day ticket – 60 AED (purchased online), 90 AED (purchased at venue)

3-day ticket – 100 AED (purchased online), 150 AED (purchased at venue)

Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai heat going too hard on you? Aquaventure Waterpark could be the perfect getaway. The largest waterpark in the Middle East and Europe, Aquaventure Waterpalm located at Atlantis The Palm gives you the chance to live your childhood, again, again, and again.

Saruq Al Hadid Archaeological Museum

If you loved history in high school but lost touch as you moved on, Saruq Al Hadid archaeological museum, opened in 2016, is your chance to repair the love you lost for history. And if you already love history, we are assuming Saruq Al Hadid is already on your bucket list. Take a stroll through the mystifying remains belonging from ancient Middle East and rediscover the way you see time.

11th Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Grab your moment to interact with the most renowned of folks from the field of literature at the 11th Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, 2019. A global fest organised at Dubai that invites more than 180 authors from 50 countries, Emirates Airline Festival of Literature attracts more than 41,000 visitors with at least one thing in common – the love for literature.