If you’re a Game of Thrones fanatic, please take a note –

‘You can’t afford to be anywhere else in the world than Dubai Festival City on 17th of July’. 

Here’s why:

With a few days left, Game of Thrones is set to be back with a bang with its Season 7 and consequently, we are already seeing devotees spending on the premiere​ like a German does on beer. And that. totally. makes. sense!

To bring the phantasm closest to your reality, OSN media and Dubai Festival City have joined hands to host Game of Thrones Season 7 water show premiere by IMAGINE to welcome the most phenomenal TV series ever. And reportedly, it is going to be as huge as the giant that helped us get Ramsay. Lights, Music, Laser, Pyrotechnics and what not, the water show is going to be everything you need to feel the ‘game’ under your skin.

Time– 8:30PM,
Date– 17th July
Venue – Dubai Festival City, Dubai.
And be there before the winter is.
Valar Morghulis!