5 spots in Dubai for those spectacular views of the city!

Dubai is much more spectacular than anyone knows, unless they have been to all the spots that make Dubai stand out when it comes to sceneries. And practically, it is quite difficult to contain all the extravaganza this city offers. But it is very much feasible to absorb the best of it through these top five spots for spectacular views in Dubai.


Dubai Fountain Area

Dubai Fountain Area showcases the prowess of Dubai in terms of efforts that have been put to attract people from all over the world. Not only this place is beautiful, it hosts a 30-minute display of water jets reaching as high as 140m, coupled with a music & light show.

Stop by the Dubai Mall at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard to enjoy this wonderful view.


Business Bay

Business Bay is the proof that when rightly sculpted, even the concrete jungle could seem thrillingly beautiful. Most of the times, some or the other skyscraper is under construction here, so no one can guarantee you would the same view every single time.

The metro unfortunately isn’t yet available for accessing this area, so Personal ride, Uber or similar taxi service is your only option left. Climb up the Vision Tower here to get that phenomenal view of Business Bay everyone talks about.



Watch the sunset ‘twice’ or witness how perspectives change from the highest point in the world; your call. BurjKhalifa needs no introduction and it would be naive to explain how it is one of the best things you can witness in the world,period

You can see BurjKhalifa from anywhere in Dubai, but reaching there is not that easy. So take note; it’s located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai.


Dubai Marina

Marina is usually a beautiful place with all the white boats docked up and basking in the sun. However, Dubai has much more than a usual marina. The Palm Islands with a neat look of an Irish leaf from atop is simply breathtaking.

Just catch the Palm Jumeirah Monorail to easily reach the Palm Jumeirah Marina. For a better view, glance over from a skyscraper restaurant or hotel window.


Dubai Canal

Unveiled in 2013, Dubai Canal added another page of glamor to the book of Dubai. A stroll down the 6.4Km waterfront here is one of the most relieving experiences in Dubai, especially after the dusk.

The Dubai Canal is located at Exit 49, Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge.





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