Dubai is known to house some of the most exclusive experiences around the world. Bizarre events, exclusive shows, shopping festivals and what not; Dubai has never seized to amaze the world with its exclusivity.

And this time we are talking about a one-of-its-kind restaurant that has recently opened at Jumeirah Beach Residence: La Boheme Magic.

What distinguishes La Boheme Magic from its competitors is its extraordinary dedication for meat-lovers and exorbitant architecture.


Food & Cuisines

Talking about the food, not much about it is yet known and neither would you find anything significant on its Zomato page. But from what has been heard from the management, the restaurant will serve some of the rarest dishes around the world; dishes that you will not find anywhere else in Dubai. And mostly, there are going to be game-meat dishes like Lamb, Veal, Pigeon, Wagyu Beef and more. The restaurant on the top floor comprises of a private dining area, a fancied up shisha room and an appetizer’s section. It also houses a rotisserie and an open grill so that you can witness the joy of cooking.


Design & Decor

Talking about the décor, even the exteriors of this casual dining place has been shaped to achieve a perfect unconventional design that was much anticipated since the construction started.

Interiors, however, are very different from the exterior and one can’t make even a wild guess about what it’s like on the inside. Just as you first set foot and take a look around, you find yourself in the middle of a magnum opus. A very abstract design which still somehow has a theme is what’s strangely satisfying about the décors. Multi-colored chandeliers, bold use of gold in furnishing and artistically tasteful lamps & lightings form the highlight of this place. And for a music lover, there are going to be live music and events, which can be enjoyed from the indoor/outdoor seating arrangement.