There’s a common confusion we all have in our lives. When we are in city A, we miss city B. When we go to city B, we miss city A. 

Most of us don’t know why, but that’s because we love both the places. But it doesn’t work like that at least for a man from Mumbai living in Dubai, and this very exception is made possible by O’Pao, Dubai.

Pure Mumbiker Feels

If there’s one place in this world that mimics the flavours and essence of Mumbai, it’s this catchy eatery in Al Karama. The bright, vivid graffitis painted across the walls reflect every bit of the freestyle street art the cool Indian city is known for. Carrying all the flash, O’Pao surprisingly brings out the subtle and classy shade of Mumbai at the same time. And we kid you not, the culinary skill at this place is off the charts. Nevertheless, the well-lit indoor seatings match up perfectly with the jumpiness you expect from this place. In a nutshell, chances of stumbling upon a 24-carat Gold bar are much higher than finding a person who has ever been let-down by this place.

As Authentic as a cuisine can get

Not just visually, O’Pao does justice to capturing the essence of Mumbai, ‘gastronomically’ as well. Expect nothing less than everything you would find on the streets of Mumbai, along with an unfailing promise of hygiene. Vada Pao, Tea, and all the desi munchies you could ever crave are served at O’Pao, and from our end, we recommend trying out the Butter Chicken Pao, Kurkuri Bhindi, Sweet Potato Fries, O’Cheesy Jalapeno Pao, and Keema Pao,Choco Mousse and O’Pao French toast.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Pao is, soft double bread raised to perfection and sautéed with butter – that’s Pao, and Mumbai runs on a Pao breakfast.

Loads of funk balanced by the Mumbai vibe thrown in just the right proportion is what makes O’Pao a discovery for foodies at heart.

Plus, a mere 45 AED bill for two is how O’Pao nails it for everyone.

Find O’Pao at: Shop 14, Ground Floor, Abdul Salaam Building, Behind Park Regis Hotel, Street 2 B, Al Karama, Dubai.