The Choco Monarch (AED 100 for two)

Let’s be honest, we all have fantasized about living in a chocolate castle at some point in our childhood. But how many of us have lived that fantasy? Zero! Because chocolate castles don’t exist. But then, how about a sweet substitute of it? 

Enter – The Choco Monarch.

When it comes to having an ‘all-chocolaty experience’ in Dubai, you don’t need to look for another option because The Choco Monarch is there for you. 

Chocolate in the Air

Mainly, the cafe serves coffee and desserts. And mind you, not a few desserts; a plethora of desserts of different types. As a result, the aroma in the cafe can melt the hardest of hearts and flip the worst of moods by 180 degrees. Eventually, you take a seat and that’s when you realise this place is cozy as hell, especially if you chose to park yourselves on the sofas here. Throw your gaze around and in no time you shall see the ‘wall of chocolate’ that’s beautifully adorned with coffee mugs, cups. Without doubt, it adds to the chocolaty ambience, which brings us to the interiors of this place. Well-matched, well-composed, well-lit and unfailingly uniform, the interiors at The Choco Monarch consists of furniture, walls, and everything else – all in either chocolaty brown or vanilla. Maybe because vanilla always goes hand-in-hand with chocolate? 

Great Service

The service quality at this cafe is impeccable. The staff here is quite friendly and quite aware about what is on the menu, which is why you can always trust them for recommendations. The hottest recommendations here are molten cake, waffles, hot chocolate and of course, the mighty coffee. The only thing about this cafe you need to keep in mind is that it is quite packed on weekends. So make sure you book a table inspite of just dropping in out of the blue.

Sweet is the Word

As we have already hinted, this place is all about sweet, whether it’s a beverage or some dessert. The menu is loaded with varieties of pancakes, waffles, ice creams, milkshakes, coolers, coffee and unique dessert preparations that you may rarely find elsewhere. If ever you pay a visit here, don’t forget to try Strawberry Dipatte, which is hot white chocolate drink with Belgian White Chocolate and a hint of strawberry. Anyone craving crunch could go for Crispy Crepe and Biscuit Layer Cake, which they would keep coming back for.

Where: The Choco Monarch, Al Ghurair Center, Dubai