Anyone craving gourmet, glitter, and glam will find Dubai the most appealing place in the world. But if you are the kind who loves a day away from the urban hustle, Dubai is the place for you too.

Given that you are still reading this piece, we guess you really need a place where you can spend a day without a speck of worry and enjoy the sun till the sunset knocks.

If we are correct, believe us, Banan Beach is calling you! So if you are up for a weekend getaway, having a staycation Banan is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

The Beach You Seek, The Break You Need! – A Maldivian like dream

A half-an-hour drive from Al Maktoum International Airport towards Jebel Ali, brings you to the paradise you can only dream of. Clean coastline stretching beyond your line of sight, clear blue waters, and a beach resort that is unrealistically fun; Banan beach is a must if you ever plan to travel in Dubai. And did we tell you it is one of the favourite places for Instagrammers because of the effortlessly beautiful pictures you can take here? Yes, it is. But is that it? Hold on till you learn about the things you can do at Banan.

A little bit of everything

Apart from making sand castles and playing in the waves, Banan Beach has got a lot more on the menu. See for yourself:

Camping in luxe & style 

The most noticeable thing about the Banan Beach is the coloured rows of tents and the mighty chalets. For a simplistic camp experience, book a tent for two, for which you pay just AED 350 per night. On the other hand, those looking for absolute luxury, can book a stay at one of the chalets available for AED 1000. Note that the chalets come with all luxury amenities your enjoy at a luxury hotel, including a private pool area. All in all, if you are new in the city and want a genuine outdoor experience, Banan Beach Resort brings you the best experience of camping in Dubai. 

Fire and Vibes

When you are at Banan, one thing you simply can’t resist is Bonfire. That’s because everyone’s doing it. And that is in turn because it’s just so much fun. Light it up and let some steam off with your pals. And yes, don’t forget to load up your playlist because grooving on your choicest tracks is very much allowed here.

Sip a juice.. if not the wine

Who says only liquors are fun when you are out for the night? Knowing that you are sipping on something that is a much-healthier option is always better. For people cautious about what they put in their bodies, the Juice Bar at the beach is open. 

Pet likes to run? Bring it over!

Pet lover? No problem! At Banan, your pet enjoys equal right to chill out. Just make sure you bring them between 10am – 6pm on Mondays and 10am – 5pm on other days. For pooches, it’s free!