There are only few things in the world chiseled to such degree of perfection that they define a feeling.

Imagine the beauty of something materialistic elucidating something abstract. Difficult to visualize, right? Allow us to make it simple for you.

Think ‘The Lounge’ – the world’s highest lounge situated at 575 metres in the world’s tallest building ‘The Burj Khalifa’. Every sunset you witness by that magnificent window pane from above the clouds, changes something in you. Brings you clarity on how beauty can have so many forms, and yet, manage to stay ‘beautiful’.

Tea in the clouds – 550 AED

Once you step in, you truly decipher the word ‘Premium’. Enjoy an assorted serve of fresh bakes and soul-satiating desserts on the most elegant cutlery, accompanied by the world’s finest teas and coffees – all that on the cosiest of couches. Plus, you get to tour the outdoor terrace, which lines the upper limit of skyscrapers in the city – a view so captivating that words run short to describe it.

Bubbly Sundowner – 600 AED

When the sun is down and sky flaunts the most eye-soothing shade of pink, take a sip of your favourite house beverage or bubbly while you bite into the sumptuous canapés. Absorb the luxury that remains a myth for many, and if your soul resonates with the sorcery of music, live music on an outdoor terrace is the most your senses can ask for.

Cocktails under the stars – 600 AED

Ditch the monotony 575 meters above the ground by experiencing the night life at The Lounge. Choicest of house DJs or resident vocalists make sure you are taking home memories and leaving the worries behind. Talk about treating your taste buds, a glass of house beverage or bubbly served with delicious assortment of canapés on the outdoor terrace is just a thought away.