8 things to keep in mind if you want or have a pet in Dubai

When we talk about pets in Dubai, exotic pets like tigers and lions comes to our mind the first, those are prohibited to pet in Dubai. In Dubai, people have all kinds of dog and cat breeds as their pets.

Having a pet is just like having a child in the house, it comes with lots of responsibility along with lots of love. A pet is a baby for whom you have to do everything, just like for a human baby. When it’s in a country like UAE, it also comes with a lot of protocol; for a lot of security reasons for you, for the pet and others as well.

1. Registration of the pet

In Dubai and also the rest of UAE, it is mandatory for your little baby to be registered and vaccinated. They should be re-registered every year. Pets need to have a microchip, for international travel, for identification and reunion in case the pet gets lost. Microchip is a rice grain sized chip in a capsule, thats injected in your pet. Microchipping is a painless procedure. 2.

2. Legality of the breed

Though pet selling and pet shops are the safest options to buy a pet, but there are some people who also breed, raise and sell pets. Beware of the breeds that are prohibited to pet in Dubai. Some banned breeds in Dubai are Pitbulls, Doberman, Huskies Mastiff, Chow Chow, Tosa among others.

3. Some areas are prohibited for pets

Dubai is a very inclusive and open cosmopolitan city, with lots of pet salons and places to take your pet. But, there are some places and properties where the pets are not allowed, for the sake of others or for some other reasons. Always make sure you are taking your pets to an area that allows and welcomes pets in Dubai.

4. Training for the pet

Your pet is your responsibility inside and outside the house. Make sure you always keep training your pet to not harm any person or destroy any property in public. It is very important for you to understand that at any point or in any situation your pet should not harm any human or another animal. You can be liable to pay hefty fines if anything like this happens.

5. Clean up after your pet

If at all, your pet excrete in public, you are supposed to clean it. Dog waste bins are placed everywhere and it is important tp be a responsible pet owner and a resident/citizen. Dubai is very particular about keeping the city clean, and therefore you should clean up after your pet.

6. Pet vaccinations

Vaccinations are important for your pet’s health, and mandatory to get done in Dubai and UAE. They protect them from very dangerous and fatal diseases like rabies, flu, parainfluenza, canine distemper and hepatitis. The vaccines are similar to how it is for humans. Ask your vet for your pet vaccines.

7. Put a leash on your pet when outside

Whenever you take your pet out for a walk or a drive, always put a leash on them. It helps you control them better, preventing them getting into fights or even worse, running away. Some pets are very hyper and can get very excited when taken out for leisure, so it is always a better idea to put a leash on them.

8. Huge costs

Pets usually are expensive to buy in Dubai. Pets here need a passport, they need vaccines, they require training. It is not just about getting one, it is about taking care and responsibility and that involves some huge costs.

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