Adrenaline seekers are strong believers of You Only Live Once and therefore, will leave no opportunity to feel the thrill of life. New Zealand can also be called the adventure haven and it is pretty justified. There are some experiences in life you would definitely not miss out on if you are an adrenaline and adventure seeker. New Zealand is a beyond beautiful country, with extraordinary landscapes, mind boggling adventures and a climate you will not find anywhere else. One of such thrilling adventures in New Zealand is the Heli Biking!

Heli Biking

Definitely not for the faint-hearted and those who do not know how to ride a bike, duh!

Heli biking is a combination of a helicopter ride to the up of a mountain from where you ride down on a bike. 

You make your way down through steep slopes with breathtakingly beautiful view of Queenstown. 

The best season for help biking is October-April. 

It can take unto 3 hrs to complete the adventure. 

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