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How she made her passion for travel a full-time job? Sonam Lakhani talks in GramTalk Ep 1 with us!

GramTalk is a series by Digital Devi, where we talk to so many talented artists, influencers and bloggers about their work, journey, achievements, experiences and goals.

With this series, all we want to put out is that everyone starts from somewhere, what you can learn from other people experiences, what can you do have those experiences, what separates an artist from the crowd and how to have all the fun along the journey.

Our guests are content creators in travel, fashion, skincare, personal branding, health based in Dubai, who love to share their journey with us and you.

We love to talk to people, about them and their work, if you are someone who loves to share, this is the platform! Watch the Ep 1 now :-

Features Image Credits- Sonam Lakhani

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