Hiking trails in UAE: A winter checklist

Dubai defines the dearest of experiences, with a hint of leisure in every bit of it. You have the highest skyscrapers, the biggest malls, and the finest luxuries. But that’s just one side of it; the man-made side. Did you know there’s also a beautiful, natural side to the experience, especially during Dubai winters? So if you haven’t been much of an explorer in Dubai or simply haven’t witnessed the other side, there are a lot more other things to do in winters here. Needless to mention, winters in Dubai are fun.

Now there is a bunch of things that you can engage in when the winters commence in November. When the temperature ranges just about right between 26-14 C. When, in our opinion, the best time for a hike during Dubai winters.

So here are some sizzling best hiking trails to try during winters in Dubai for you to explore another fun dimension of Dubai.

Secret Staircase

This could probably be the most known secret among people in Dubai who like to have a list of things to do on weekend. A 3-hour trek beyond the Oman border, the Secret Stairway is one of the less common hike trails people know about. But take our word, you’ll love every bit of walking among the cliffs of Wadi Khab al Shamsi. Cycling enthusiasts can head towards Qasr Al Zaiba during the noon. This trail could be one of the best things to do on weekend, covering Dibba fort, date plantations, an ancient graveyard, the Qasr Al Zaiba and through the once villages of Twaifat and Yehnadji.

Jebel Qihwi

Things to do in winters in Dubai are plentiful and a walk among the beautiful Hajar Mountain peaks in Jebel Qihwi is exactly what we are talking about. Surrounded with a view of the Gulf and Indian ocean. Since this one is a 6-7 hour long trip, we’d recommend you should be generally fit for the long walk and leave your spot in the morning between 8 to 9 am. Thinking about what things to do on weekend this Saturday? Consider Jebel Qihwi and thank us later.


Hatta is one of the best hike trails from Dubai in our opinion, so we’d definitely place it among the the most fun things to do in winters. Honestly, the beauty of Hatta hike trail is in its terrain, which some people find perfect for a trek while some can’t wait to bicycle their way through the ups and downs of Hatta Wadi Hub. And then there’s Hatta Honey Bee Garden too, which is open for visitors. For fitness enthusiasts, there’s Hatta Trek too, which opens from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and takes a complete 8-hour window.

Wadi Lasal 

This scenic 10-km loop begins at Wadi Modaynah Dam and could be termed easy to moderate for people with general fitness. On average, Wadi Lasal trail takes 3.5 hours and is great for both mountain biking and trekking with some of the widest landscapes to indulge into during Dubai winters.

Wadi Tayyibah

Striking from miles away, Wadi Tayyibah is one of those remarkable green hikes near the city that we’d recommend during winters in Dubai. The hike begins from Al Uyaynah and concludes at Asimah village. Best part, during the rainy season, watch it as you may stumble upon natural pools. And did we tell you about the surreal pictures you can take on the top of the hill?

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