Honeymoon in Seychelles: Mahe island & Praslin

Imagine blue pristine waters, tropical climate, breezy days, cold nights, fresh fruit platters, local rum and an array of palm trees, all on one land; that is the Seychelles vibe.

Seychelles is a cluster of various small islands and an absolutely delightful beach honeymoon destination. There are so many beautiful islands to rejoice, and I and my darling husband chose Mahe & Praslin for our honeymoon.


Day 1 : Fly to Mahe island & check in Kempinski

We flew direct to Mahe island from Mumbai with Air Seychelles in 4.5 hrs. The flight was comfortable, served us an amazing meal and the cabin crew was very generous. As soon as we exited the airport, there was streak of cabs right outside. We boarded one and headed directly to our resort The drive was obviously a scenic journey with few amazing picturesque spots. Also, on our way we stopped at a supermarket to pick some local beverages, chips and a local sim. I think it was a smart move!

We checked into Kempinski that was just the perfect blend of most luxurious and comfortable resort we’ve ever been to. Our suite balcony was beach facing on the first floor. The suite was decked up with living room furniture, our bed and the balcony furniture. We ordered in our lunch for the day from the resort itself, took a sweet nap and headed out the beach restaurant for leisure for rest of the evening.


Day 2 : Explore Mahe

After a round of chilled Pina Coladas & Mai Tai at the beach bar at Kempinski, we headed out in our cab to explore around Mahe. Cabs can easily be booked at the hotel reception. Our first stop was Mission Lodge and it had the best view of the island from up there. Next we went to a waterfall, probably the cab drivers know these gem spots and we were lucky ours took us to this one. It was quiet, cold and so deep in nature. Next was a tea factory, and we such chai addicts were very happy to be there. Tried some fresh black tea, green tea and chai, took a tour in the factory about the farm to table tea preparation and finally soaked in another beautiful view of the sea from there. On our way back ti the resort, we paused at a point called the ‘View Point’, that boasted views of the ocean and other islands in the vicinity. How amazing it was!


Both of us on the Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe

Day 3: Drive to Victoria and Beau Vallon

For the rest of 2 days we were at Mahe, we rented a car for us to drive around and explore the faraway spots like the Victoria, Beau Vallon, sunset beach and a local rum factory. It is fantastic drive with such scenic routes, so many picturesque spots to just stand and gaze into the vast ocean and great local cafes to pick quick bites or a coffee. Our first stop was the local rum factory where we toured around the whole process of rum making and picked a few for our resort. Next was sunset beach and Victoria where we had lunch at a beach restaurant.

Day 4: Spa & pool day at the resort

Because spa and pool day is mandatory in a five star resort while on a honeymoon! We paid about $350 for a 1 hour spa for two which was an absolute relaxation delight. The spa cottage was nestled away in a farm, surrounded by nature, engulfed in silence with the just the sounds of cooing birds. We were served a ginger & lemon herbal tea before the massage and treated us with apple & yoghurt after it. It was so refreshing and soothing. Post the massage, we needed a good plunge in the pool and that’s what we went for. 

Day 5 : Ferry to Praslin & checking in Amitie Chalets

We boarded a ferry ride to another island, Praslin. You can easily book it online. We booked it one month prior and thats what we suggest you do too. We departed at 11.30 local time and reached at 1PM. The jumping waves, endless waters and a bumpy ride was all worth the scenic oceanic views. Praslin is relatively small, quiet and very very untouched with with limited hotels and cottages to rent. We checked into Amitie Chalets, that were right onto the beach. We had a beautiful room, a bathroom and a kitchenette, definitely felt like home. Next, we rented a car for two days and thats how we explored the little island.

Day 6: Botanical Gardens & bidding goodbye

In the morning, after grabbing a quick breakfast by the beach, we drove to botanical gardens. For nature lovers, who want to know more about the very existence of Seychelles and its Flora & Fauna, its a walk you must take. Its a forest, with lots of Coco De Mer trees, and they are on of the iconic parts of the Seychelles culture We followed it up with a delish Creole lunch. Since it was our last day of the honeymoon, we chose to take a walk around our chalets early evening because a little exploring on the foot can give you amazing surprises.

After thoughts:- Seychelles has some of the sweetest, generous and most humble people there. Locals are very welcoming, helpful and always with the million dollar smile. Its such a beauty of a place, with pristine waters and endless beautiful views, that makes it the destination for honeymoons and family holidays.

We advice:- We feel for Seychelles the best options to explore are Mahe, Praslin & Eden Island. If you are more into nature and a bird watcher and can afford bigger bucks, exploring the bird island will be a delight. La Digue is the most untouched and secluded island of all. But if you looking for food, fun, bars, cafes, luxury stays and pristine beaches, Mahe & Praslin are the best options.

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