The art of capturing beautiful Flatlays- A guide

Taking good pictures is a talent only few possess, right? 


Taking good pictures is all about science and acquired creativity. You keep a few tips in the back of your head, and as a viewer, you create an image of what the picture would look like from a certain point of view. For example – take flatlays. Instagram is trending with flatlays, and why not! Flatlay is a simple photographic technique that speaks a lot in less, and today you are going to learn how you can take great flatlay pictures almost anywhere for your Instagram handle. Ready for some tricks? Go ahead

Let the sun shine upon it

There are DSLRs with low-light photography, shutter control, this and that. But these exist only to mimic the effect of natural sunlight. The point is that nothing can match the vibrance, contrast ratios, and the overall balance of brightness that natural sunlight infuses your pictures with. So, while taking a flatlay, make sure there is enough sunlight in the room, or maybe take pictures in the open for a more aesthetic feel.

Subject and Backdrop must match

Are you snapping a flatlay for your Instagram handle that’s about food and culinary arts? Great. But make sure the background is a kitchen slab or a wooden dining table, and not an office desk. Why? It’s simple – the overall picture must have a theme, and the subject and backdrop, both must belong to the same theme. Here’s another example – if you are going on a vacation to Hawaii, maybe you can click a flatlay with objects like camera, hat, dress, power bank etc., placed inside the suitcase.

Style is paramount

Honestly, flatlays are all about showing it off in the most simplistic manner. So don’t drop some things on a table and take a picture; styling the subject is a primary thing when you’re taking a flatlay. Maybe that hat can have a gorgeous ribbon and be kept tilted for a more artistic feel. You get it, right?

“Remember Me” says Rule of Thirds

A picture that is not proportionate is not a picture. Alright it is a picture, but not a good picture. And flatlays are no different. Follow the rule of third to create maximum impact with the help of subject. But what is the rule of thirds? Put simply, rule of thirds says:

  • Enable “gridlines” in your camera’s viewfinder
  • Using the viewfinder, always place the primary subject of the picture on the intersection of gridlines.

Let’s not go into details why it needs to be followed, but pictures taken with rule of thirds are always proportionate, and hence, beautiful.

Camera settings?

You buy a DSLR because it allows you to take pictures, whatever way you imagine them in your head. How? With the right settings! If you already know what kind of effect you want in your flatlay, make sure you tune your camera just about right to match up with the idea you have in mind. And with right settings, you can always do that.

No Closeups, No Birdseye

While clicking a flatlay, something that most people miss is that the picture shall have a relaxed feel and shall not look congested. Of course, you should organise the components in a clutter-free way, but if you snap a flatlay from too close, you ruin it. Pull the camera too far and it’s a Birdseye. So when you are taking a flatlay, maintain a good height, which differs from subject to subject based on size, type, colour and more. 

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