Why should you book these hotels for staycations? Hint: Private Pools

The most extravagant version of anything has its own definition. For luxury hotels, the definition is a private pool. Imagine a private pool that’s always ready, waiting for you when you return to your ‘second home’ after a tiring day out. Well, that is luxury at its best, and that’s exactly why you need to be in Dubai. Here’s a list of best hotels in Dubai with a private pool:

Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Overlooking the ocean, Sofitel Dubai is one of the most relieving places to be. Organic theme done so well, Sofitel is almost like living on a stranded island. Don’t forget to go for the soul-soothing spa in a private pool by the ocean.

Location: East Crescent Rd, Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Anantara: The Palm Dubai Resort

Another, but not just another seaside resort, Anantara has a pure regal vibe. But what really steals your heart is the quintessential view of the Palm Jumeirah, which the resort faces. 

Location: East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

One & Only The Palm Dubai

Excuse the upfront appreciation, but One & Only The Palm Dubai is actually the one and only of its kind. Without doubt, this could be the most naturally beautiful setup you could wish for in a hotel. The private pool experience is off the charts with its archetypical Arabic ambience painted all around and of course the Persian Gulf facing it.

Location: West Crescent, Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Al Maha Resort & Spa

Al Maha is no less than a dream if you compare with the best hotels in Dubai. Located right in the middle of a desert, Al Maha truly brings out the colours in sands. Picture yourself soaking in a pool that faces a dry desert; we guess the contrast has already stirred you up. 

Location: Desert Conservation Reserve – Dubai – Al Ain Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Melia Desert Palm Dubai

Don’t you just feel like cutting yourself off from the world for a little while and just take a dip in luxury beyond expectations? If that’s a yes, you need to spend a day at Melia Desert Palm Dubai, especially when the evening hue is just setting up to churn out a calming cream tint.

Location: Al Awir Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Malakiya Villas

Quite opposite to Per Aquum, Jumeirah Malakiya Villas are best if you prefer openness as you take a dip in the private pool among the signature Palm trees in the hotel premises. A very conventional Middle East vibe prevails out here waiting to reveal its magic as the sun sets for the day.

Location: 6 King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Al Habtoor Polo Resort

Dubai could sometimes be overwhelming, and lately, if that has been too much for your senses, Al Habtoor is the perfect escape. Located by the lush green polo ground, the private pool experience at Al Habtoor adds the missing ingredient to your life in Dubai; the colour green.

Location: Wadi Ai Safa 5, Emirates Road 611 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Think of Five Palm as a crossover between Middle Eastern and Western luxury. The palm trees do a great job of making you feel at home but the urban view right from the private infinity pool messes with your senses for good. In short, pure modern luxury. 

Location: No. 1 Palm – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Five Jumeirah Village 

If you know it, you know it. Five in JVC, is a perfect staycation destination for private pools, dance nights and views like no other from the 30t- 40th floor. The 2 bedroom and the 4 bedroom private apartments come with gorgeous pool in the exterior overlooking JVC. Fun thing, you can spot Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab from your Sky Villa. 

Location: Jumeirah Village Circle

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Visit Nikki Beach Resort for a taste of modern luxury in a kind of villa you can only imagine. Designed to perfection, the private pools with clear blue water coupled with a panoramic view of the ocean is an unparalleled experience you just cannot miss.

Location: Pearl Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Kempinski Hotel & Resort

Kempinski is among the largest Dubai hotels, and is located in the west crescent of The Palm. The circular, private Jacuzzi pool at Kempinski takes luxury to another level, and if that’s not enough for you, the luxury is sure to seal the deal.

Location: Crescent West, Palm – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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